Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party... With Balloons!

So, I went to Disney for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party with my girlfriend and some of our friends. And, as you can imagine, some balloons were thrown into the mix.

Before I start talking about the balloons though, you totally have to make it to the Christmas party if you haven't already. There is FREE hot chocolate and cookies. That alone is AMAZING.

Anyway, we started the night making balloons for Peter Pan and Wendy. After I made them simple swords (So we could play "lost boys"), Wendy wanted a hat and Peter wanted a monkey to sit on his shoulder (not pictured).

Yeah, I was just as suprized to get the request as they were to actually see me make it. Well, here's the pic.

After making the balloons, Peter Pan asked us to follow him and wait. Well, we did. He soon returned with an awesome piece of paper or certificate certifying my awesomeness and he and Wendy both signed it for me. So, yeah... that was awesome and totally made my day, let alone all the other cool stuff we did.

On the way to the next section of the park, Briar Fox stole away one of the girls in our group and totally started to flirt with her BIG TIME. I thought it was hilarious, but her boyfriend might not have felt the same way. Just the same, everyone in the group laughed and had a great time with it.

After we chased them around a bit and goofed off, it turned out that Briar Fox, Briar Bear, and Big Al were all going to ride on the Aladin's Magic Carpet ride. So... Lucky us, we were invited to ride along with them and were automatically pushed to the front of the line with them to ride.

Not only that, but afterward, I got to make them a balloon. (What can I say, Briar Fox kept telling us he really wanted a rabit... What was I going to do? I can't deny Mr. Fox.)

This is him trying to catch him. Don't worry though, Briar Fox decided he was too chewey and gave him back to me.

I also made Big Al a balloon teddy bear. He liked it. So, we then went on to watch the parade. What I didn't know is that we were now being followed by one of the park employees....

He soon followed us to Aladin's group where I made a Lamp for Genie and then Abu told us he wanted Carpet made out of balloons. So, I did so. I even added another little "Abu" on there so that he would have some company.

A little scared with the guy following us, I decided to ask why he was there.

Yeah, it turned out that he just liked the balloons and wanted to see what else I was going to make for other characters in the park. So, that was really cool. We ended up having our own private our guide by the time the night was out. So that was REALLY awesome.

Before the night was over, I made balloons for Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eyore, and a few others at the park as well. Yeah... It was definately a Magical Experience.

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