Saturday, December 6, 2008

Xmas Jam!

So, Kenny and I totally got together and went over some Christmas balloon shapes.

You can see his post Here.

The balloon Jam was only about 20 mins to an hour long, but we made it a point to take pictures of most everything we made. The focus was mostly on Christmas balloons, however we did make a few "Holiday" balloons that we could twist for those that did not celebrate Christmas.

And in addition to the ones below, I also was reminded by Merissa that I could very easily make a wreath or a candy cane. Along the same lines a dreidel, star of David, or other Hanukkah items can be made as well.

Without further adieu, here are some of the pics from the Jam.

This balloon Christmas tree was made from a couple of green 260s, a brown scrap, and a white 260 for the "lights" or "ornaments."

This angel was a white 160, a blush and yellow, and then a diamond clear 260 for the angel wings and halo.

This hat was meant to be Santa stuck in a chimney. I thought it was hilarious. I can't wait to be able to make it at a party or event.

And the last picture are the other shapes made. It was a tiger, santa, monkey, and an elf. The tiger and monkey each have a santa hat on to keep with the holiday season. I could see how adding a simple holiday hat could change any figure to match for the holidays.

On a side note, my trip to Japan was AWESOME! I was able to twist for the locals of Okinawa and had a blast while I was doing it. I also stayed on the military base and twisted for a number of events there. It was wild seeing how even the military base was a different culture than I was used to, let alone the being in a different country.

Until next time...

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