Friday, October 3, 2008

The Texas Deja Vu

Before I get into today's blog, I wanna say that I'm really excited to have found a restaurant to replace Bennigans. For the past two days, I've been eating at Tiajuana Flats and I love it. The people there are pretty awesome and $7 goes a long way toward filling me up.

It's totally my new place to go and chill when I'm hungry and bored. (Just thought I'd share for all the people that knew how much I loved going to Bennigans.)

And on to today's blog:

So, as many of you know, I just moved back to Tampa from Houston, TX.

Tonight I totally was able to reminisce about my days in TX. Firstly, I was able to work at one of my favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse. And to top that, I also was privileged to work at a Country Line Dancing Bar called The Round Up (

As I walked into Tx Roadhouse, I notices that EVERYTHING was exactly like TX Roadhouse in Houston. So, that was really cool! Also, Alla from Bennigans BBDowns works there. So, I'm totally excited that I know people there! (I forgot to make her a balloon. So, I'm going to try and do that tomorrow when I go in there for dinner. We'll see how that goes.)

Between that, the country music at The Round up, and the side efects of pure exhaustion... I definitely felt a few episodes of deja vu tonight.

While I was there, I didn't just make things for the, I also made some pretty interesting things for the customers as well.

For instance:

These two wonderful ladies wanted to surprise their husbands with a visit and decided the absolutely best way to do so would be to show up with the "Loudest" balloons possible. I had a blast making their balloons and hope that I can work with them and their church in the future.

And this lovely family was a lot of fun as well. The boys were very awesome, well behaved, and totally open to whatever it was I was going to make them. (I graduated from high school with the nice blonde in the center and decided it was fair game to try and embarrass her.)

I connected their hats and challenged them to wear it all night in the restaurant and, more importantly, to get out the door with out either of the hats sliding off their heads. It was AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVE watching this type of hat try and leave a restaurant. On a side note, the most I've ever connected like this was about 15 and it was at Crazy Buffet off of Dale Mabry. I don't work there anymore, but really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Yeah, so like I said before, this group was the best. They wore their hats with pride all night long and really helped to make my night.
Connect a kid

When I meet famous people or when I find people that I really enjoy making balloons for, I like to take their pictures so that I can write about them here. Tonight, I was blessed to have a table that not only had "famous" people, but really awesome people.

I had a blast making a rose, octopus bracelet, and princess crown for this group. For those that don't know, the guy on the right is John Cena. I just want to put my two cents in and say that he (and his friends) are very awesome, very nice, and totally have my respect.

John Cena and Friends

I made this at Las Vallartas the other night, but wanted to add it in here because I thought it was the most amazing hat (and cutest kid) ever.

Abstract Hat

Now, as far as the Round up goes...

I loved it. It was a LOT of fun. It was a whole lot easier to get along with everyone than I expected and everyone seemed to totally love the balloons.

I did not think to take too many pictures tonight, but I did get one. Luckily, I also got myself in this picture. So, that's good. I found that is something I don't do as often as I would like.

This is highlighting a necklace that I made for one of the cutest girls there. She was probably slightly intoxicated, but kept telling me how "adorable" I was. So, it went quite the lengths in building my ego. It's always nice, especially when in a new place you're uncomfortable with, to have someone who's sole purpose is to make you feel confident in yourself. She played that role for me. So, it was definitely nice to have her around.

And back to the balloon note...

This is the first time I'd ever made a necklace like this and I LOVE it. I think it is quite amazing. It stayed just the way I wanted it to, it is a decent size, and it wasn't too terribly difficult. (Though, it was slightly time consuming...)
Balloon Necklace

Overall today I worked (including the sorting of my balloons) from 3pm-3am. I worked a full 12 hours. So, needless to say, I can't really feel my legs, my throat is sore from all the talking, and I'm exhausted.

So, I'm off to bed for the night and I look forward to my next post as I hope you will as well.

Until then,
Jonathan Fudge
Your Balloon Man

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