Monday, September 8, 2008

A Barrel of Fun!

So, in the last restaurant I worked, I ran across a large table. It was a party of about 15-20 people and I started to twist balloons. I did my regular spiel and made a balloon for about every child at the table, when all of a sudden a girl jumps out from no where and nearly scares the living daylights out of me!

She jumped out and told me that she wanted a balloon. So, I asked where she was sitting (assuming she was at a different table in another part of the restaurant) and she informed me that she was at the table I was at, but off in the corner.

Yeah, that's right. Somehow I didn't even see her there.

Her parents told her to have a sit and reassured her that I wouldn't forget her. (They told her that I knew she was there the whole time and I let them keep that

After I finished the balloon I was on, I gladly moved to her side of the table and realized she was about to ask for something. So, I stopped her. I let her know that I wasn't going to give her a choice in what she wanted because I already had the perfect thing in mind.

Now, so you all know... This is just a clever ploy to get away with making whatever you want for a child. Once you make so many awesome things that it is hard to remember them all, this is a great way to keep some variety in your life.

That being said... Sometimes it works out really really great! This was one of those really great times.

Well, apparent from the looks on the faces around me, I clearly offended a few of the adults by refusing to let the girl choose what she wanted. One of them was brave enough to speak up.

"Well then, Mr. Balloon Guy... What is it exactly that you think she should get?"

I responded with a cool, calm, and relaxed, "Well, if I had to pick out something special for you right here and right now, I'd have to say you wanted a horse."

At that moment in time, all the looks of disgust, shock, and offense suddenly changed. Everyone gasped in awe. Then, soon after, everyone was asking, "Wow! How'd you know that she likes horses?! She's actually the world champion barrel racer and she just got back from a competition she won!"

Well, yeah... Like I said, sometimes things really work out. So, being I forgot her (I didn't see her) and being I guessed right on the money, I decided I'd make her something special.

So, yeah... I was privileged to make the world champion barrel racer a balloon horse. It's amazing the things you get to do and the people you get to meet as an entertainer.

Yeah... I love my life.

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Laurie said...

You are extremely talented and ver clever. Thanks for the good time Saturday Night. National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) Youth World Champion's Aunt