Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Diamond Jam Starts to Kick In...

So, this is my version of what I could remember from what Don Caldwell made in the Jam room. His dogs were some of the most awesome balloon dogs I have ever seen. Each one of them had an amazing personality that you could just read in their faces.

This week, I finally was able to sit down and try to recreate what I remembered of his puppies.

This is what I came up with. After finishing it, I decided that it was the eyebrows that I like the most...

So, I decided I was going to take Robbie Furman's advice and make a bird. And to top that, I was going to make a bird that had the AWESOME eye brows that Don's dog had.

This is what I came up with.

It has a similar face to the dog and then I used a similar technique to that of my rose t make the body and wings for it. Overall, I liked it quite a bit.

However, the body looked like it could be something else to me...

And that's where this guy came from!

Actually, I tried to make a Lamb first, but it looked horrible. Lucky for me, I was able to see the face of a turtle in it. And, sticking to the theme of "personality," I had this turtle become old with age and despiration as it constantly chased that perpetual apple on a stick.

For Contrast, and so I could show off one more photo, I added this guy in here.

This is a fairly intricate sculpture that I made recently and I (later) noticed that it has a very neutral look to it.

So, my next challenge is to make a pirate with attitude.

Next time I am asked for a pirate and have time to experiment, I will be adding that to my photos and making an update to this post. Keep out a ready eye. We'll see if I can twist up another treasure yet... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey John, Jim Mushock here in Orlando. We met at Uno's with Ben a while back. So your in Tampa again. Cool. Give me a call and maybe we can get together. (407) 744-5300 Look forward to hearing from you. Jim