Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Another Unexpected Day Off...

Again, I'm reminded just how important it is to have a contract between an entertainer and their clients.

Today I was suposed to work at a Birthday party.

I sorted my balloons, set out my clothes, and began mentally preparing myself for the event. About the time I was about to get into the shower, I noticed that I had a message on my phone. So, I preceeded to call to check my voicemail only to find out that the Mother called to cancel me at the event.

I called her and inquired as to why she would wish to cancel.

"We're just not going to be doing it. We're calling it off."

"You're canceling the entire party?"

"No, just the balloons. We have a snow cone machine instead."

"Well, I'm glad you have a snow cone machine and all, but we agreed that I'd be performing today and my time is pretty valuble. Just yesterday morning, I had to refuse a $300 event because I had already made prior engagements with you."

"Oh, too bad."

Yeah... "Too bad." was the best answer I got today. And to top it off, I was hung up on.

There are days I absolutely love my job. This wasn't one of them.

Because of people like this, I now have to demand payment prior to the date of the event. I just informed my secretary that I would no longer put anything on my calendar unless I had the cash or check in hand for the event.

I know I'll lose some events because of this, but it is not worth it for me to give away a weekend full of work to someone without some type of commitment.

Until I have a contract drawn up, that's the way it has to be.

>Jonathan Fudge
Your Balloon Man

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Smarty Pants said...

Hi Mr. Fudge,

Sorry to hear about your party gone wrong. It only takes one incident like this for an entertainer as motivation to book every event under contract, and require a deposit for every event. Personally, I require a signed contract returned back to me within 7 days of the booking and a 50% deposit, no exceptions.

I (surprisingly) have never had someone cancel on me after they've signed a contract and paid their deposit! It's unfortunately that I can't accept people's bookings based solely on their "good word" and honesty but a few bad apples (as you've experienced) does ruin it for everyone. This is a business, and we have to protect ourselves against the few people who don't value our time or craft.