Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Opera Style

Most of the really great routines that I do are things I had to creatively steal from Jimmy Leo. I now steal cell phones much more often and I make girlfriend catchers and I make it a point to have fun with my audience.

Just the same, I've found that my character deals with these different bits in different ways.

So, I'll take a story from my gig Thursday night and explain what my buddy and I did while twisting. Though this is something I haven't completely heard before, most of the pieces I had to fit together to make this entertaining came from different talks I've had with Jimmy Leo.

We were entertaining a large group of families at a restaurant and we were informed that it was a young lady's birthday.

So, out comes the 4-balloon opera singer hat.

My buddy makes the hat and informs her that she's going to sing happy birthday to herself (because neither of us could sing) and that she'll be accompanied by the sorounding audience.

So, He takes the lead, helping her sing and I direct her movements from her elbow, making her perform some very amusing opera singer movements.

After practicing a few of the pieces of the act, we then combined everything together to sing her a WONDERFUL birthday song where she was the center of attention, got a full round of applause, and walked away with the biggest smile ever.

Because it was her birthday, I actually stopped my "line." (I don't actually use a line, but I stopped making what I was working on.)

By having both entertainers bringing everyone's attention to this one girl, we were able to get a resounding aplause, a thank you from the owner, and a full 2-3 minutes of full out hysterical entertainment for the entire crowd.

Thanks again for the awesome talks Jimmy! Everytime I talk with you, I learn a ton of stuff.


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