Monday, July 28, 2008

Gig: Texas Roadhouse, Houston

So, I was working at Texas Roadhouse tonight and I had a blast.

At first, it was busy, but there were no kids around. I was getting a lot of adults that just didn't want a balloon. So, I started to make a large balloon sculpture of a monkey on a palm tree with bananas. It was only about 10 balloons, but I turned it into a hat and convinced the host staff to trade it off and wear it all night. So, that was fun.

And by the time I finished it, I had a waiter come up to me and ask me to go to his table where I was asked to make a Tropical Birthday Hat. It was awesome. I had a Birthday girl, her mom, and her kid all wanting something special.

I started with the girl getting a flamingo hat, complete with legs hanging under her chin. As I was finishing up, her mom was putting a $5 on the table. I wasn't done yet though. I made a crab for mom. (The $5 turned into a $10) and then I finished up with the daughter (who was about 24) and made her a dolphin hat. By the time I was done with the table, Mom (Grandma) had given me a $20 and I started my night off right.

Later on in the night, I was at a table about to get a 'no.' (I could read it in their faces.) And before I could hear them say 'no,' I heard a group of people yelling and screaming my name.

"Yay! Mr. Fudge is here!!"
"Hey Mr. Fudge!!! We're going to be sitting over there."

"Hey guys! It's great to see you back. I'll be over there in a few..."

Yeah... So, that 'no' I could read in their faces... It turned into a resounding yes after that. They wanted me to suprise every last one of them. So, I did. I made them each something cool and then went to visit my buddies from the week before.

When I got to their table, the daughter informed me that their elementary school class got a hampster and she helped to convince them to name it Mr. Fudge. (I never thought it would be so great an honor it is to be named after a rodent... Suprizingly, it meant a lot to me.)

After that, the son pointed out his Hershey's Marathon shirt where he completed and got first place in states for track and feild. So, that was really cool. I told him to that he was definately a Mr. Fudge fan if he was enterting Hershey events.

Thinking things were finished with the children filling me in, I was going to offer a balloon, but the father stopped me to inform me that they had all come up with a theme song for me. I wish I could remember all of it to share with you here. The tune was rather catchy and I wish I had it on tape to add to the end of my DVDs.

"Mr. Fudge is my name
if you know it, say it again..."

Okay, so I don't remember all the words... I tried.

Needless to say, I had an awesome time talking with the table. And though they did not want a balloon, they were sure to let management know how much they loved me and they were not going to let me go without promising to be at the sons birthday in May.

Before the night was through, I made a bunch of big, crazy, and conected hats that went on some individuals at a table. They were all 17-28 and absolutely loved it! (I actually got to make my ladybug hat for a lady at the table next to them too. So, that really made my night! I love when adults wear hats!)

Well, That's more than enough to share about my night tonight.

I am going to try and make it a point to leave gig stories when I can so that readers of the blog can see more into the life of a Balloon Artist Professional.

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