Sunday, August 24, 2008

Diamond Jam 2008 1/2

Okay, so I haven't been able to post since Diamond Jam. It is late, so I'm going to write what I remember and then post pictures later on. Please excuse the lack of detail. It is VERY late and I don't know that I'll be able to get much out of my head right now.

First off, I was an instructor for Diamond Jam which made me very stressed most of the week. I wanted to make sure that every class I taught had massive amounts of information. So, I constantly went over my notes to ensure that I remembered everything for the classes.

The classes I taught were entitled:
Balloon Busking 101
Balloon Busking 102
Restaurant Entertainment: Beyond the Balloons

And as far as I could tell, everyone enjoyed the classes and I know everyone walked away with something they didn't have before the class started. So, that made me happy and all the extra work and stress was well worth it knowing that I was able to help others make money doing what they love to do.
The following are a few pictures of Diamond jam after I stopped stressing over my classes:

S and the Rockettes!

Me being a SCARED Princess!
Of Course, I can't leave out my favorite picture... The Scary wall!Yeah, I finally broke down and enterted a competition. Yay for Love potion number 7!

Balloon Camp was after Diamond Jam and I totally skipped out on most of it so that I could relax a little bit and calm myself down after Diamond Jam was over.

At balloon Camp I got to work with some AMAZING people and learned a lot about the decor side of things. So, that was really cool. I pretty much mastered the Tak weave after making 2 8 foot long sections for one of the decor pieces. So, that was nice.

And as an added bonus, I was able to room with Robbie Furman for a bit too. So, I learned quite a bit about him. And as always, it was great getting to know another artist and businessman within the industry.

During my excursions, I was able to meet The Amazing Johnathan and Psychic Tonya. That was awesome.

I also was able to watch and learn from another great artist while I was in Vegas. (Thanks Keri!!)

(Alysa and Keri - My Entertainment!)

And lucky me almost got kicked out of my hotel for making balloons in the lobby. So, that was exciting. Always have to enjoy a story that includes a cop or two!

And, to top off my entire week, I mis-scheduled my flight and ended up staying an extra night, costing me about $250 more than it should have. (Ouch!)

At least the cab driver was really cool...

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