Sunday, August 31, 2008

Restaurant Work

I was really worried about not being able to remember everything I wanted to add to my blog, so I pulled out my ancient tape recorder and decided to throw it in the car with me to gigs. Now I can talk about how the gig went and different things I want to remember so that I can put them into my blog for you guys.

This Blog contains two gigs. The first is an Ihop gig and the second is a gig at a mexican restaurant called Los Vallartas. I have never worked at either one of these places before. So, each experience was a new one.

Each of these sections is written after the fact and focuses on the things that stuck out most to me after finishing the gig.

Ihop 80
Saturday Aug. 30th 9 am-1 pm

A Fighting Chance

The table that stuck out most to me at this gig was one that I did not make a balloon for. In fact, they called me over and handed me money as the said, "We want to tip you, but we want you to know why. You make awesome stuff and all, but this tip is because you make the children smile and that is something that we appreciate."

Yeah, so I can't explain how happy that made me feel. I love making children happy and it is a great blessing to have someone realize that you are more than just a balloon artist sometimes.

I gave them a business card and thanked them. It was at this time that I was asking questions and found out that they had a prematurely born baby in the hospital. They told me that when she was born she weighed only a pound and after 15-30 days later (I don't remember exactly) she now weighs 2 pounds. So, as you can imagine, they have been through some ups and downs.

It turns out that the husband was an ex UFC fighter and plans on opening a Brazilian style Martial Arts school. So, I made sure I told him to give me a call when that happens. That's something I'm interested in and it never hurts to know someone else that is a master in their field.

Learning that totally explained how she was fighting so hard to live. It's in her blood. I don't see how it could be any other way.

So, at one table today I got a tip based on the fact I make people smile, I learned about a very special little girl, and I might even have a contact for when I want to get back into the martial arts stuff. You never know who you are going to meet, who you're going to influence, nor who will influence you.

Narcotics Anonymous

The second table that sticks out in my mind is actually one of the first tables I went to. It was a group of about 20 adults and they had to be the coolest people I'd ever met.

As always, I like to ask questions about people so that I can more specifically address them as an audience. In my questioning, I found out that they were all members of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and that there was a Birthday at the table as well.

I had a blast! I got to make a crazy balloon hat for the birthday boy, I made a lady a dragon hat, another guy an alien, and then for the last balloon I made an elephant hat. (Thanks Tawney!)

And, because of that table, I was able to make a dolphin hat, an alien giraffe, and a vacuum cleaner hat at the table next to them. So, that was awesome!

Pretty Picky Princess

At one table I was asked for, "A pink horse with purple hooves, a gold unicorn, blue wings, orange mane and tail, and a stick to hold it on."

haha, and yes. I made it.
Then, going to the sister...

Yup! She wanted the same thing.

So, moral of the story is:
Rich Picky Princesses don't

Los Vallartas 140
Saturday, August 30th 5pm-9pm

A Crazy Hat!

Old Friends

I ran into some parents of an old high school friend. So, that was pretty cool. It was nice getting to stop and talk to them after a long while.

When I first saw them, I didn't completely recognize who they were, but I knew that they'd driven me home from school on a number of occasions. I just couldn't place why.

Yeah... We all agreed that I'm starting to get old. *tear*

Of Ropes and Chains and Balloons

So, I ran into another interesting group of people tonight. Everyone at the table was a member of some type of kinky bondage fan club. So, one girl asked for a hat and I made it a point to "attach" her pigtails to it. She wore a shirt with handcuffs on it, so I made a hat with "Haircuffs." She seemed to like it and the rest of the table LOVED it.

They were all begging for cards and wanted to know if I could do balloons that would suit their events. So, I showed them a picture or two of Ms. Tawney Bubble's midnight class from Diamond Jam and they were totally excited about hiring me to work a number of their events. So, hopefully that will work out. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Los Globos International

Yeah... I got to practice some Spanish at the tables today. So, that was pretty awesome. In fact, I was privileged enough to twist for one of the owner's friends today as well. I didn't make anything too fancy, but they tipped a good $10. So, I can't complain at all.

And speaking of languages... I was able to show off to a few Russian families that came in as well. I haven't really learned anything new. (I was taught new stuff, but can't remember it.) However, my "hello, how are you?" and my "Good afternoon" went over really well in Russian.

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