Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cody's Roadhouse Photos

Okay... I feel like I've been slacking on the photos lately. So, I'm going to add a few in here to show everyone that I am indeed still twisting balloons.

This is a Tweety Bird I made for a young lady tonight...

I also decided that this lovely young lady would make a great princess. She also made a fantastic helper. She walked around with me and waved to everyone, making sure they were having a great meal. So, that was pretty awesome.

This young man wanted a special parrot. So, I got creative.

This is a Nemo Bracelet. She didn't want to get into the picture herself, but she was more than happy to be a hand model. Who knows?? Maybe she'll make some money in it one day...

And this pretty little lady was completely and utterly torn between watching me and watching her video game. It was definately fun harrassing her as I twisted a balloon for her.

And lastly, this bunny was a great little figure I picked up and tried out. It went over so well that I have made bunches of them since.
Oh!!! And for those that care, I'm totally working on a new website. So, be sure to check it out.
Your Balloon Man,
Mr. Fudge


Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

Poor Nemo, put him in water before his eye explode.

Your Balloon Man said...

Haha, Yeah... I tried to make him peeking out of the water so that he could say hello. Sorry if I made him look like he was bug-eyed...lol

Anonymous said...

My girls LOVE the balloon man Mr. Fudge!! They always ask to go to Cody's on Mon/Tues. Not only are his balloons sensational but his entertainment keeps us all laughing. Dinner & a show at Cody's!!