Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jeff McBride Master Class

So, for those that haven't heard of it, Jeff McBride's Master Class is an absolute must for any serious entertainer.

All I have to say about it... Wow!

I'll have posts about it soon. I have to finish typing my notes into my computer. Once that is done, I will focus on a more thorough post.


Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

I see you received the email notification that everyone had to wear a black shirt. ;-)

YourBalloonMan said...

Haha... Yeah. I think that's a requirement for picture days everywhere. Especially for a magician group... It's always tuxes and blalck shirts.

balloon man mike said...

were you the only one there besides Don and Todd?

Jonathan Fudge said...

No, Mike. I Just made sure I had my picture taken with them. There were actually quite a few people there.

Believe me though... I would have been VERY happy if it were just me, Todd, Don, and Jeff. That would have been AWESOME.