Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, I expected to have regulars when I started working at the restaurant I am at, but I didn't expect them to start coming so quickly.

If you look two posts back with the pictures of the parrot and the bunny that I made, those are brother and sister and they came back in again. Also, the girl that was playing her DS and is holding the mouse... She is a regular too.

What's this tell me??

Well, I should definately be careful what I say and to whom. Anyone at any table could be a potential regular. And out of those, there are plenty of life-long clients that I may be able to nurture as well.

This post isn't meant to be very long. It was just something that I realized and wanted to share.

Do any of you have regulars at your restaurants? Are you a regular at a restaurant? And what do you think keeps people coming back week after week?


Magical Balloon-dude Dale said...

You know you've been at a restaurant for a long time when you see employees returning back later in life with their kids, on their second marriage, and your still at that restaurant twisting balloons for the kids.

Mr. Fudge said...

Haha, True. I can't say I've been able to do that, but I worked at a Denny's for a while and was able to watch one of the waitresses get pregnant, have a child, and start coming in with him. That was really cool! I was even invited to the baby shower ;-) So, that was a lot of fun.

To be honest though... I hope I don't end up at a restaurant that, That seems like a long time... :-/